Make no mistake, this workshop will change your life and give you tangible tools and clear strategies for success.  Below is a schedule of what we will be covering in our 1 hour class  (this is the 1st class of a three part workshop series).  

This class is for:

People that want to reach their vision for their enterprise

People that want to create a greater income

People that want to grow and better understand their partner

People that have anxieties and stress 

People that want to understand how to communicate/ connect with others

People that want to lead

People that don't feel they have enough time to accomplish their goals

People that are tired of feeling defeated

People that want motivation and tools for success

People that want to feel consistent happiness

People that want to better their health

Class #1 Syllabus:

1)  Introduction/ qualifications

​2)  Breaking your state of being

3)  Where are you now?  What are your "why's" for being here?

4)  Each person takes their personality assessment

5)  What are the functional/ dysfunctional parts of each personality type?

6)  How to read strangers

7)  Learn to lead/ persuade others

8)  Goals/ reaching your purpose

Each person will receive an information packet to help maintain and practice the information received in the class.  You will also have instructions to prepare for class #2.

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