Addie Sellers

Owner, Matchmaker, Coach
Experience:  11 years of coaching/ matching
Areas Available: Nationwide

Circle of Love Coaching

Courage is grace under pressure. 


I started my training in relationships, communication and the dynamics of both at the age of 19.  My purpose in creating this business and process is to free you from any pain of dating and actively be with you during your dating journey.  That old saying, "opposites attract" may be true when it comes to energy or temperament, but not when it comes to values.  

During your interview we establish what values you live by and what works for you in every area of your life before you ever meet a single match.  

The service is tailored for your success and overall happiness.  Every person has different goals and needs in life which is why this process is crucial in finding love-  I get to ask all of the hard-hitting questions that you can't on a first date.  

Even though every person's journey is different, with every 4 out of 5 clients finding their match, I feel confident I can find yours!