Circle of Love Coaching

​"Addie is an absolute pleasure to work with!  She is very considerate in taking the time to meet with you and not just setting you up with who she thinks would be best for you but actually LISTENING to what works for you.  She is invested in making your experience one that is positive and in many instances, informative when going over feedback after the dates.  I found Addie and this service to be a valuable asset.  I was able to meet several amazing women until I found someone I wanted to move forward with exclusively.  Trust me when I say that working with Addie is worth looking into!"

​-  David Garcia

"Addie is the absolute best!  In my experience, she was extremely thoughtful when considering my needs and wants in a relationship.  She forces you to be honest with yourself about what it is you are really looking for; something an exclusively online service could never do.  I think the best way to sum up my experience is to thank her for introducing me to my best friend who I am now married to!"

​- S. Moore

​ I started this process of coaching and matchmaking with low hopes.  I'm in my mid-forties and thought I had missed my chance at having a family and falling in love.  I expect the same values in a mate that I have and I wasn't going to settle.  Addie gave me coaching and was there for every step of the dating process.  She set me up with Justin and we are in love, committed and thriving together in happiness!

​-  Sandy

"I never thought I would be swept up by an amazing man in this romance that I had only dreamed about before...but here I am, 2 years later walking on the beach hand in hand with the love of my life thanks to Addie.

​-  Danielle Ortega

Addie Sellers

Owner, Matchmaker, Coach
Experience:  11 years of coaching/ matching
Areas Available: Nationwide

"Circle of Love Coaching worked for us!  I wasn't a 'bar fly' and have a full-time job.  I also had a serious relationship that had failed in the past and I didn't want to repeat the same mistakes.  I was open and honest with Addie about what I wanted and it made the dating process fun!   Through this service, I found the love of my life~

  ​- ​Justin & Raven